Free Zone Operating Licences

In order to operate in a free zone in Turkey, a Free Zone Operating License is required from the Ministry of Trade. In the free zones, activities are generally carried out within the scope of the licenses to be obtained in the following areas:

  • Production: Production, purchase, selling, marking, packing, labeling and exhibiting of raw materials, intermediate goods and final goods.

  • Purchasing-Selling: Purchasing-selling, storing, labeling, packing and exhibiting of the commercial goods.

  • Warehouse Operation: Storage of goods owned by other users.

  • Leasing: Leasing out to the users.

  • Assembling –Disassembling: Assembling or disassembling of the goods .

  • Repair - Maintenance: Repair and maintenance of the goods.

  • Others: Service industry, banking, insurance, engineering, consultancy, shipping, agency etc.