License Types


With a production license, you can produce using all tax advantages provided for free zones. Click here for tax advantages.

Purchase - Sale

With a trading license, you can buy goods from Türkiye and the world without paying VAT and customs duty, and export to anywhere in the world.

Warehouse Services

Warehouse services license is issued to the Operating Company.


Owners of licensed buildings operating in free zones may rent out unused areas.

Assembly - Dismantling

You can carry out assembly-disassembly activities in the free zone. When assembly-disassembly services are provided to non-residents, they are exempt from all taxes. Click here for tax advantages.

Maintenance - Repair

You can carry out maintenance and repair activities in the free zone. Maintenance and repair services are exempt from all taxes when provided to non-residents. Click here for tax advantages.

Other Services

In addition to basic activities, services such as banking, insurance, catering and customs brokerage may be provided in Free Zones, subject to a license.