Tax Advantages

Corporate Tax %0


*For manufacturers

Those who operate in the free zone with a production license and those who provide assembly-disassembly, handling, sorting, packaging, labeling, testing and storage services, provided that all of these services are provided to non-residents, are exempt from Corporate Tax.

Employee Income Tax %0 

*For manufacturers

Those engaged in production activities in the free zone are exempt from income tax on wages paid to employees if they export at least 85 percent of the product they produce.

Value Added Tax %0

Purchases of goods both from Türkiye and abroad and services provided within the Free Zone are exempt from VAT.

Customs Duty %0

Goods brought into free zones from abroad or from Türkiye are exempt from customs duties.

Saving Energy Costs

Electricity, natural gas and water are supplied exempt from VAT in free zones. This saves approximately 10 percent in energy costs.