Rental Options

Rental Options


Closed Area

At DESBAŞ, you can carry out your activities by renting a closed area suitable for your business. You can design the rented indoor space as office, production area and storage area.

It is necessary to obtain an operating license to rent a closed area.


Office + Shared Warehouse

You can only rent an office at DESBAŞ and use DESBAŞ warehouses for storage.

An operating license license is required to rent an office.


Warehouse Usage

By obtaining a Warehouse Use Certificate, you can use DESBAŞ warehouses without a license and benefit from free zone advantages in trade.

In addition, you can use DESBAŞ warehouses in cases where the closed areas you use are insufficient for your needs.

See the Circular No. 1999/1 on Warehousing Activities.


Open Space

You can use DESBAŞ open areas for items that are not suitable for storage in closed areas.