DESBAŞ Facts and Figures

  • Istanbul Industrial and Trade Free Zone, the first Free Zone founded on a private sector land in Turkey, is established in 1994 and has been operated since by DESBAŞ.
  • Istanbul Industrial and Trade Free Zone ranks in the front row among the free zones in Turkey with its more than 26 years of free zone experience and total trade volume of 90 billion dollars.
  • Since 1994, we have been home to thousands of companies and ten thousands of people over an area of 540.000 square meters.
  • For the moment, more than 300 companies and 6000 people are operating and working in our Free Zone.
  • The yearly average trade volume in our free zone in 2018 and 2019 has been around 2.3 billion USD
  • After its foundation, Istanbul Industry and Trade Free Zone has maintained its feature of having the highest trade volume among the free zones for many years and reached the highest trade volume figures in 2004 with approximately 7 billion USD.

  • The companies operating in the our free zone mainly work in the sectors of solar energy, automotive supply industry, parts of marine vehicles, machinery industry and machine tools, electrical electronics, chemistry, textile, cosmetics.
  • In our free zone, we offer investors infrastructure ready lands, buildings, closed areas, general and private warehouses, offices and open stock areas.
  • All infrastructure and management services are provided to our users such as electricity, water, natural gas, refinement, waste management, security, storage, food-catering, maintenance, loading / unloading, weighbridge.
  • In our free zone, the Istanbul Industry and Trade Free Zone Directorate of Ministry of Trade and the Istanbul Leather Free Zone Customs Directorate of Ministry of Trade operate as institutions that serve exclusively to the users of our free zone.
  • We, as the founder and the operator of Istanbul Industrial and Trade Free Zone, offer investors a strategic location in Istanbul, at the heart of Turkey's economy, and multi-modal connectivity with an extensive logistics infra-structure which covers every mode of transportation.