We provide you all infrastructure and business services your business needs:


We provide storage facilities with shared and private warehouses for the companies operating in the free zone.


Loading and Unloading

We provide loading and unloading, stacking, handling and transportation services in the free zone with forklift and professional personnel.


Electricity, Water and Natural Gas

We provide our investors electricity, water and natural gas services at favorable conditions.



The wastewater of our free zone is refined in the 36.000 m3 / day capacity wastewater Treatment Plant Facility.



We provide weighbridge services for the transportation vehicles entering and leaving our free zone.


Waste Management

Waste and garbage are collected and taken out of the region.



Our private security personnel are on duty 24/7 at the entrance and exit gates and the borders of the free zone.
Free zone is also continuously monitored with 90 cameras that oversee every part of the region.



Food / Catering / Cafe service is provided in the free zone for our user companies.


Customs Clearance

All kinds of customs procedures such as import, export and transit are carried out at the Istanbul Leather Free Zone Customs Directorate,
which serves only for the users of our free zone.


Consultancy & Assistance

We provide consultancy and assistance for the companies to facilitate their free zone operating license application.
We also assist our users in their clearance procedures carried out at the customs administration.