DESBAS-Istanbul Industrial and Free Trade Zone Founder and Operating Co. has been Granted the independent  statuary authority with wide ranging functions and powers to undertake the establishment and operating activities of the zone with the power of decree of Council of Ministers in 1993.
Operating Services
Warehousing: To store the goods in DESBAS joint warehouses, carry out the warehousing programme
Renting Premises: Renting private Warehouses, factories, offices 
Selling Plots: For manufacturing companies
Infrastructure Services: Supplying Electricity, Water, Waste Water Treatment , Natural Gas and  Telecommunication Services 
Loading - Unloading: Of the goods brought and sent
Environmental Services: Collecting & removal of the garbages, cleaning , maintenance - repair
Consultancy Services For The Users:
. Inventory controlling and reporting
. Giving legal support to the potential companies during operating license application phase
. Planning and Engineering services for the investors
. Support for receiving necessary permissions
And, Security Services...